One On One Personal Training

Personal training sessions are conducted in a fully equipped personal training studio in Ballsbridge Dublin 4. All training sessions are done in a private studio with me. I will assist you in developing a comprehensive training program whether you are an absolute beginner, training for a wedding or fitness professional. Using proven functional exercise principles and the newest training techniques, you will be given in-depth education and motivation needed to guide you towards your fitness and performance targets.

Partner / Group Training

If training with a friend or a few work colleagues with similar goals then this is for you. Meeting up once or up to three times per week will get you focused on improving in your fitness, toning up or lose some weight. This would include all the benefits of One On One Personal Training but with the extra drive from someone else with you.

Boot Camps

Take your fitness to the next level with this men and women small (10 max) group training session. This is a personalized workout with individual progression, perfect for all levels of fitness. The class runs for 45-60mins (weekday-weekends). The workout will aim to improve on your strength & conditioning while building fitness and burning fat. You’ll get a dynamite functional workout using cable weight machines, free weights (you are not allowed to take them home with you #justsaying), kettle-bells, TRX suspension trainer, VIPR training tool, TotalGym GRAVITY unit, bosu, power bags, medicine balls, rowing machine and boxing to name just a few. Every second week will be a new session to challenge you in a new exciting way.
The Boot Camps runs as a 6 week program.


Pilates is an exercise system developed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve in your over all health. Exercises are performed on a mat and use specially designed equipment. Pilates includes exercises for every part of the body and applies for every kind of activity, so no matter what your sport or fitness goals are Pilates will help you reach these goals quicker.

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